There’s been an explosion of growth in video on social media in the past few years years. Social Media video content have increased upwards of 99% on YouTube and 250% on Facebook alone. 

Video is engaging and immersive. It allows for remarkable storytelling on social media whether you’re promoting a product or service. Averaging 3 billion video views every day, the format has become an incredible asset to Social media Marketing. 

See higher engagement and build a better rapport with your audience with a Social Media Instaclip.

Social Media Video Content - INSTACLIP


A video production with a big crew can be costly and have trouble turning out marketing videos quickly.

Our one man crew equipped with an instaclip camera gear can shoot and edit social media friendly clips hours after filming the business or event.

We can create marketing videos in minutes

We can create a one time video or you can opt for a package where we can create many videos over a period of time.
Contact us for more information and see how we can drive traffic on both Facebook and Instagram, getting significant impressions, clicks, and shares on multiple platforms. .

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